I'm still alive! ha HA!


Like, WHOA

Hey to those of you who still come around! How the hell are you all? I'm doing aight. Been busy, but I'm thinking of coming back to the old stomping ground.

Too many things to bitch about to stay away. Am I right or am I right?


Where y'all bitches be at?

Man. Everyone up and left. Including me, I guess.

Damn, and we had a good thing goin'.


You're Welcome

Ladies and Gents, I present to you:

the most beneficial use of a celeb yet, especially Paris.


Eddie Murphy Is as delicious as Stove Top

Eddie Murphy was probably one of my first movie-star crushes when I was growing up.

I admit that my standard of hotness may differ from most. I think I see hotness where some people miss it. Not that many women don't think Mr. Murphy is the hotness, but I'm just saying.

I caught a glimpse of him doing promo for his new movie, and he's somehow just as sexy or sexier than he was when he was younger. His grin makes me crazy.

Okay, enough with the hot men.

Everyone have big plans for tomorrow? Thanksgiving... mmm. My favorite part is the Stove Top stuffing. I know, it's fake, and it's full of chemicals and hydrogenated oil, but damn it's good with some mashed potatoes.

Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving food. I know someone who thinks the whole holiday revolves around (cough) cranberry sauce. Okay, EW. I mean, it's okay (only when it's NOT canned, and there's halved berries still visible). But at best, it's just okay. However. A hot, creamy pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream? DELISH. Not whipped cream from a can, though, but from a tub. Yeah, baby.

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G !